So, what about us?

Well, once upon a time there was a middle-aged wash-up from silicon valley named Mark, who fatefully crossed paths with a batty contemporary art school drop out named Sarah. She was curious about becoming an engineer like him, and he had always secretly longed to let his creative side run free. Over time and a lot of beer they realized that with their powers combined they were an unstoppable force, so they took off full throttle and started tearing up the world like they owned it.


When Mark was a fledgling, he enjoyed tinkering with electronics and drawing. He wanted badly to go to art school, but out of fear that he'd amount to nothing more than a hack selling velvet Elvises on the side of the road, his mother encouraged him to pursue a real career in something substantial, like engineering. Heeding her advice, Mark attended classes at DeVry University for doing all the snazzy stuff that goes on inside robots, like building circuitry and programming code to make stuff do. These skills brought him to Silicon Valley, where he worked for Sun Microsystems until his hair started to turn grey and fall out. After getting laid off... he set fire to all of California in an epiphinal rage and vowed never to allow himself to be whored in such a way again. From there, Mark reclaimed his life force and moved forward, eventually co-founding a hackerspace in his home town of Las Vegas.

Now, Mark works part time at Blue Man Group doing things that complement his level of quirkiness. He also picked up an inexpensive old home in his family's neighborhood which he spends his free time renovating... that is when he isn't casting artificial tongues, jacking off, or scheming with Sarah about how to take over the world.


From a tender age, Sarah dreamed of commanding a robot army to take over the world.  Using her natural talents in drawing and design, Sarah mapped out her plans for world domination on paper and canvas in the form of fantastical illustrations.  Recognizing these talents, her high school teachers pushed her toward an education at SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). It was there that she learned the contemporary art world was a bunch of hoo-ha, which made her dry... This also brought her to the realization it would take more than ink and paint to take over the world and surpass her conceptually anal peers. It was in Chicago that Sarah chose to hone her electronics and mechanical engineering skills. She built her first Delta robot using Tupperware, servos and an Arduino. Upon returning home to her culturally baren hometown of Las Vegas, she met the Las Vegas hacker community at SYN Shop where she discovered more cool toys that would help her on her epic quest.

Along the way she met fellow megalomaniac, Mark... and together they strive to quell their joint desire to split the universe in half, one tarty idea at a time.